Home Building Timeline by Andy Bozeman

If you don’t know how to build a house, how do you know if anyone else does?
Learn from 45+ years of experience. Follow the on-screen Timeline for step-by-step guidance through the entire process of home planning and building.

This is the best tool, ever, for any type of residential building. A user can see where in the process a project is, currently, what should have already happened, and what MUST happen next.

Every step is designated, whether for building new, adding on, or remodeling.

The Timeline-graphic is the actual subscription product. Paid subscribers also gain unlimited access to bonus content in the form of articles, diagrams, stories of home building horror and humor, videos, tips and tricks, and critical dwelling-industry knowledge. New bonus content is added often. You can even request a topic. Come see, and come HOME.

“Which subscription is best for me?”
The average building project takes 1½ to 3 years from start to finish. The 12-Month option is recommended.