Side Yard Set-Back Lines

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Townhome Renovation Includes Neighbor’s Exterior Common Wall

The aspects for this article are ¬†illustrated on the Home Building Timeline at Grid M15-Ownership; Grid R24 – The B.E.A.D.S. KEYSTONE /Additions, Allowed Area & Type, Drainage (gold stars) A recent addition & renovation project brings to mind the confusion that can go along with structures, like townhomes, which are built actually touching one another. On the inside, such dwelling …

0 All, 103 - L-11 - PROPERTY : Land & Lot - Choosing A Home Site, 104 - L-12 - BEADS KEYSTONE : 13 Critical Construction Control Points, 105 - N-19 - RULES : Land Regulations; Terms & Conditions of Property Possession, 109 - JJ-10 - SITE PREPARATION : Clearing, Demolition, Digging, Dismantling, Filling, Drainage Correction, and Protect Existing, Addition : Types & Sketches, BEADS Keystone, BEADS Keystone (CRITICAL), Boundary of Property, Building Lines, Excavation, House Plans, Land & Home Site, Remodel, Site Selection, Zoning / April 9, 2017 View Post