Permanent Site Conditioning and Post-Construction Land Forming

EXCAVATION INTO BEARING SOIL or Digging the Foundation

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Nail Guns Don’t Kill Houses. PEOPLE With Nail Guns Kill Houses

The Nail Gun in the wrong hands is one of the worst things to ever happen to the dwelling industry. The rapid fire ability of nail gun technology makes it seem like a logical replacement for the lowly hammer. An experienced handler with knowledge of both the intricacies and limitations of a machine operated nailer can turn the chore of …

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Townhome Renovation Includes Neighbor’s Exterior Common Wall

The aspects for this article are ¬†illustrated on the Home Building Timeline at Grid M15-Ownership; Grid R24 – The B.E.A.D.S. KEYSTONE /Additions, Allowed Area & Type, Drainage (gold stars) A recent addition & renovation project brings to mind the confusion that can go along with structures, like townhomes, which are built actually touching one another. On the inside, such dwelling …