Terms, Conditions, and Agreements of NON-USE, AND REPORTING POLICY
Effective August 2017

Home Building Timeline has built, and is proud to maintain, an unassailable reputation as an unbiased dwelling-industry information authority.

Our reputation is our number one asset, making our content and style of presentation highly regarded.


Our name, logos, artwork and editorial content are all proprietary and protected and enforced under U.S. copyright and trademark laws. It is our policy of restricted-use, however, which permits our ratings and reviews to have the integrity and currency consumers rely on. We can only accomplish this by strictly controlling commercial use of our content. Accordingly, our content is absolutely not to be used by anyone to promote or advertise their own products or those of someone else. This applies to all manner of third party use, including, but not limited to those manufacturers of products we have referenced, any distributors or vendors thereof, or services which compile ratings of others. The objectivity which is integral to our business model and our success precludes us from deriving revenue from licensing our name or content, except in limited circumstances and by explicit prior permission.


While we will take all appropriate steps to resolve each and every infringement of our policy, we also ask our readers to assist us in safeguarding the integrity and objectivity of our brand by reporting to us (at Support@HomeBuildingTimeline.com) any commercial use of our content. Home Building Timeline will vigorously address every violation of this policy brought to our attention in order to preserve its role as your dwelling-industry information authority.

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