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This one year FREE SCHOLARSHIP ACCOUNT can provide to everyone, everywhere possible, access to the Home Building Timeline and bonus articles. NO CREDIT CARD is needed because it’s free. Simply sign up and get started.


In response to the closing of schools and the number of students that have shifted to taking classes online or remotely, and the closing or imposed isolation of businesses, Andy Bozeman HOME is offering a Free Scholarship Account for to everyone, everywhere possible.

For the duration of the Corona-virus pandemic, and through the long-term period to come of social and economic impact, Andy Bozeman HOME is offering a subscription to everyone, everywhere possible for FREE. This one year Scholarship Account is not limited to teachers and students. Individuals and professionals of all ages, interests, occupations and trades may sign up. For everyone’s best convenience, the subscription will not automatically renew. However, if the program is still available after expiration, then you may sign up for a new free Scholarship Account. When the pandemic and its effects have ended, we might return to a paid subscription, but it won’t affect a current free account.

Online access to the Timeline-graphic is the actual subscription product. Registered subscribers also gain unlimited access to bonus content in the form of articles, diagrams, stories of home building horror and humor, videos, tips and tricks, and critical dwelling-industry knowledge. New bonus content is added often. You can even request a topic. The timeline can help you plan and build a place where you will Love to Come Home™.

TEACHERS and STUDENTS of Institutions and Home School:
Teach from it. Learn from it. Give homework assignments using it. Create class projects. All activities can be online to overcome isolation.

Show your clients exactly how hard your job is. Help your clients in new, informative ways. Encourage your clients to register for a free Scholarship Account.


  • Create perfect Project Checklists.
  • Organize construction schedules.
  • Line up step by step sequences.
  • Coordinate Sub-contractors.
  • Manage Material Deliveries.
  • Impress your clients by displaying your vast knowledge.
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