The Timeline Index is a companion to the Timeline. It offers a fast way to find grid locations on the Home Building Timeline for technical terms and info-points. Upon opening and selecting View All Words, the Timeline Index shows a complete, alphabetized list of available terms. A convenient SEARCH tool is also available. CLICK HERE to open the Timeline Index.

Please Be Patient : This is a huge file, which might take 30 seconds to focus. This is an advanced file-type, transmitted in real time, through numerous servers and satellites. Zoomed screens may appear blurry at first, but in only a few seconds will become crystal clear.

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The Home Building Timeline is ZOOM-ABLE

Zoom way in, look around, follow the steps, study, and learn.

It’s easy to zoom-in, and move around the time line, using a few simple controls. The toolbar, at the bottom of the screen, provides a slider for zooming in and out, as well as arrows for movement up, down, and side to side.

MOUSE CONTROL : LEFT-CLICK to zoom-in, and double-left-click to zoom-out. Left-Click-and-HOLD to drag and pan. Use the mouse SCROLL-WHEEL to zoom in and out.

TOUCH SCREEN [most devices] : Pinch-to-Zoom, Touch-to-Drag; Single Tap zooms IN a little, Double Tap zooms OUT a little; or use the toolbar controls for movement.

FULL SCREEN is available by clicking the arrow button, next to the question mark (?), in the toolbar. To return to the smaller window from full-screen, press your own ESC key, or click the Return Arrow, 2nd to the left from ‘?’ in the toolbar.

ENJOY! – Andy Bozeman –