“Make a plan.” Almost without exception that’s what nearly every self-help manual suggests. There’s a reason. Without a plan the most likely outcome will be a life strewn with chaos and disappointment. Even if ‘the plan’ doesn’t end exactly like the dream at its beginning, it’s more likely that some parts of that dream will come true if the maker of the plan (that’s you) remains dedicated to learning, growing, and looking ahead so life-changes and unexpected twists of fate can be met with eyes wide open. Only with that outlook will it be possible to adjust strategies to establish yourself, your finances, and your home.

Don’t have a plan? Make one. Regardless of age and station in life, make a list of desired achievements projecting as far into the future as possible, ten years, thirty years, eighty years. Include the job you want, the type of home you desire, the place where that home will be, and the good to be done from that home for those around you, and those in your care. No one suddenly ‘becomes’ in an instant. All of us are products of only two things spread over an entire lifetime: desire and attitude.

Desire must be wise and tempered with good sense. Choose a path headed in a sensible direction with reasonable goals, mindful that passion and persistence – while most often associated with success – are also essential ingredients of futility.

Attitude must be created and requires action. For the greatest success of an entire life, strive to always act to preserve the finest traditions of your calling, while ever-seeking to reject the worst traditions, and only build on the best. Live to attain the personal reward of life in abundance, so that you may also enjoy the lifelong experience of choosing to lift-up those who seek your help. Never violate your highest principles, so that you may enjoy life and prosperity, respected while you live, and, ultimately, remembered with fondness.

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