Step-By-Step Home Planning, Building, Remodeling, Flipping, and Selling

Andy Bozeman

Andy Bozeman

Creator : Home Building Timeline

“If you don’t know how to build a house, how do you know if anyone else does?”

     My name is Andy Bozeman. I’ve spent more than four decades planning 43,000 homes in 56 countries.  I’ve learned a lot.

     To share it with you I’ve created an amazing tool, Home Building Timeline. You can see :

  • where you are in the process,
  • what will happen next, and…
  • what should have happened, already.

This is a when-it-happens guide. It won’t teach you to build a house,  yourself. That’s better left to professionals. But, it will help you keep an educated eye on the whole process, including every professional who is planning and building for you.

It’s like a step-by-step road-map, that presents 40+ years of home building experience. Follow the simple steps to avoid the most common mistakes, learn from the experience of others, and forge your own path home, by getting everyone and everything in the right place at the right time.

The subscription product is the online graphic timeline, itself. Also, paid subscribers have unlimited access to bonus content in the form of articles, and videos.

Everyone, Everything, Right Place, Right Time

Andy Bozeman

“Virtually, all the steps in the process are shown in the right order.”

The right steps…

Building a home requires many steps, but if you know the right order you will know what to do every step of the way.

The Homebuilding Timeline guides your path! The image is zoomable and contains links that take you to the in-depth articles.

The right order…

By following the timeline you will know what to do, every step of the way. The whole process can be daunting, but remember, you only need to take it one step at a time. I will be with you along the way!

The timeline provided an overview to help you stay focussed on where you are in the process and what needs to be done now.

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Timeline Free Sample

The free-sample timeline, below, can be browsed by clicking it, which zooms the area for better readability. The clickable hotspots in the timeline link to related in-depth articles that explain more about each step.

Key Timeline Phases in Step-By-Step Order

101. Mind & Body: N-3

You have the perfect idea for a whole new house, a better kitchen, a bigger den,  or a hidden retreat. The DREAM is created. Ready…Set…

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102. Money: M-5

Borrowing, Managing, Mortgage, Repaying, Saving,  Spending: A successful home begins with Controlling Your Destiny.

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103. Land & Lot: L-11

Choosing a place to build, or a part to remodel, involves much more than pointing at the ground and saying, “I like it.” 

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104. B.E.A.D.S. Keystone: L-12

The MOST CRITICAL aspect of every project is this list of questions to be asked over and over, throughout the entire process of home building.

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105. Rules of Property: N-19

No matter the location, or nature of a home building project, rules apply. Ignore them at your peril.

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106. Plans: R-22

Every doctrine on Earth, whether faith-based or secular, contains the advice, “Plan FIRST, then build.”

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107. Builder: GG-21

A Builder is defined by specialization of ability, customer care, sense of style, consistency of integrity, work ethic, forthright attitude; and temperament and composure in all circumstances.

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108. Review & Permits: II-19

Permits are granted based on a Plan Review which is usually mandatory; and conducted by numerous, official Regulatory Departments, as well as Home Owners associations. It may be illegal to avoid any such process.

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109. Site Preparation: JJ-10

Preparation of the ground is just as important as any other home building procedure. Clearing, forming, shaping, grading, drainage control, and landscaping a home site, are all equal parts of this critical step.

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110. Early Installations: AA-2

Excavation, Forming, Shoring, Drainage Control, and Foundation Installation.

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111. Intermediate Installations:

Floors Down, Walls Up, Roof On, Dry-In, Interior Environmental Conditioning, Plumbing, Wiring.

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112. Final Installations: Y-6

Final Surfaces, Cabinetry, Trim, Coatings, Clean-Up, Move-In

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113. Safety at Home

Resistance to onslaughts made by Nature, such as earthquake, flood, storm, tsunami, stampede, and wildfire; or made by Man, such as fire or flood, by accident or intent, must be key factors in every building project.

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114. Security at Home

Within the home: preservation of life, storage of valuables, resistance to intrusion, fire prevention, locks and latches, openings for escape, safe mobility.

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115. Inspections

The point of every Inspection is to protect the safety of the public, by verifying the safety of each individual’s planning and building efforts.

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