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This is a When-It-Happens Guide.

This NOT a how-to-do-it guide. This is a when-it-happens guide. In no way is this timeline intended to encourage novices and non-professionals to attempt any planning, building, or renovation task whatsoever. In every case, work only with competent, experienced, attentive dwelling-industry professionals


Local regulations, and codes, as well as customary standards and practices may effectively alter the exact timing and juxtaposition of some events presented in this timeline.
Due to wide fluctuations in interpretation and implementation by specific local regulatory authorities of any codes, standards, and practices, the accuracy and use-ability of the information presented here cannot be guaranteed, nor is any responsibility assumed or implied, by Andy Bozeman, this content or any referenced content, any referenced digital content, any referenced web sites, any referenced brands and manufacturers, and their respective agents, for any damage or loss resulting from technical inaccuracies, omissions, expressed opinions, or typographical errors.
This presentation must not be construed as legal or regulatory advice. For any issues of interpretation and implementation of any processes presented here, consult the specific local regulatory authorities with jurisdiction over your particular construction site; and private legal counsel.

FUTURE VERSIONS of This Timeline:

This is a work in progress. As changes come about in building & planning methods, and codes & regulations, and as the technology for the presentation of information advances, those changes will be reflected in future releases of this Timeline. Toward that end, changes in part or in whole may be made at any time without prior notice to any users.

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