Straight-Path Communication means to talk directly to someone. Provide all information in a straight-path to whomever needs it, whether designer, lender, insurer, builder, inspector, and tradesman.

Whatever the situation in life, school, and work; and especially in the midst of home planning and building, clear communication is critically important. To clearly convey ideas and instructions between yourself and whoever is being addressed is entirely dependent on the directness of the line of communication. When important information is relayed through other people, bouncing pinball fashion from one to another, every retelling is an opportunity for error.

Straight-Path Communication may take several forms :

  • Face To Face :    YES – Facial expressions and body language reveal a lot.
  • Email :                YES – There’s time to consider what is being asked and answered in a well crated email.
  • Postal Letter :    YES – Like emails, postal letters and documents are more carefully crafted.
  • Phone Call :       YES – Like face-to-face, a tone of voice reveals desires and emotions.

Text :   No. Don’t. ABSOLUTELY NOT – Texting is NOT Communicating.
Texting is a tool for expressing short, impulsive, usually very poorly considered thoughts; answered with the same type of responses. Senders of in-the-moment texts don’t know what a receiver is busy with at the moment. Receivers might not even know who a text is from, but, feeling obligated to instantly respond, may take a guess, thus sending everyone down a time-wasting, wrong path. Neither you, nor your contractor, nor anyone, can keep up with a constant stream of silly quips.
Collect and hold your thoughts. Then, in a more person-to-person way, express your ideas and ask your questions.

You, as the owner, are accountable for every aspect of a building project. Dozens of other people may be involved, but the final result will rest squarely on your shoulders and within your finances, both of which will affect your quality of life, possibly forever. Make sure the results has the best chance of being positive. Communicate with everyone in a straight path.


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