Three Books and a Website for Home Planning, Building and Remodeling

What’s Next?

You have reached the point when “What’s next?” is a critical question if you are considering building a whole new house or a renovation or addition. Don’t feel bad. Everyone, novices and professionals alike, will reach a moment when the complexities of home planning and building become overwhelming, clouding the next, right steps in a murky future. Read and follow the advice, here, for all your home planning, building and remodeling projects, and be better prepared to get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time.

Three Books : Very Helpful

#1: IF I’D KNOWN …

A How Not To Book with more than fifty common home building mistakes

Humorous, Educational and Easy to Understand
You’ll laugh all the way through it, but once you’ve read it you’ll be more prepared to face the challenge of building or remodeling a home.

“If……” has answers.
If you don’t know how to build a house, how do you know if anybody else does? Read “If…..” and find out.


You have a dream to create the perfect place to call home. What’s next? This step by step guide will help you make smart decisions about building your perfect home, addition, or remodeling project.

All the steps in the process of choosing or improving a home-site are presented in step-by-step order for new home building, additions and remodeling.

By reading and following this step by step guidance, you’ll be able to get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time, and navigate through the myriad mysteries of finding a place to build, as well as remaking the place you live into a place where you will love to come home™.


A global, culture-wide yet personal financial even is happening right now, in which hard-earned retirement accounts are being quickly, severely depleted by people who are simply loving their children. But, for home buying, love is not all you need, and grown children are turning to parents to get the money to buy a house, fully intending to repay the loan underwritten by the parent’s retirement fund. Guess what happens. Learn to avoid this critical financial pitfall. Read GHOST BUBBLE.

THERE’S A WEBSITE, TOO. And during the pandemic, it’s FREE.

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All of this should be enough to keep you a little busy for a little while. Read the books, join the website, and follow the e-magazine. Before you can say ‘my house won’t fall down’ you’ll be ready to plan, build, and remodel. – Andy Bozeman

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