Homebuilding is Mysterious

Homebuilding is mysterious. Whether it’s professionals trying to build and sell, or individuals trying to find a place to live, Earth is a planet of home-seekers who know too little about how the dwelling industry works. No single step is hard to do. But, there are so many steps and parts to be handled, by so many people for so much money, that the combination can overwhelm the most seasoned professional; and so much more the novice.

As Home Building Timeline presents all the steps in the process in the right order, this blog will enhance the experience with information, insights, and entertainment. So, whether your home-seeking journey makes you laugh or cry, you can come here to learn a lot more about how, when, and why the process fails, or works.

Please, come along and learn how to follow Home Building Timeline all the way home.

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Andy Bozeman


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Andy Bozeman

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