Best Method of Personal Financial Growth

M-5 Money

A true, haunting story excerpt from GHOST BUBBLE :


The RIGHT WAY to start smart, and end strong

A timeless formula, tested by every generation since money was invented, as shells, beads, and salt.

  1. start with a small, simple, very affordable, older home
  2. fix it up.
  3. sell it for a small profit.
  4. repeat, stepping up in the next home’s stature.
  5. repeat again.
  6. repeat again.
  7. repeat, repeatedly.

Following this formula, a young person or family can be living in a dream home of grandeur in a matter of only one and a half decades, and be debt free, and self-reliant for life, and upon death, leave a valuable legacy to the heirs. Do you recognize The American Way? This is it!

Read more in GHOST BUBBLE by Andy Bozeman, a Kindle e-book, available HERE.


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