M-5 / Money : Borrowing, Managing, Repaying, Saving, and Spending

M-5 Money

Playing with distractions is not taking action. You are the only one who controls your future, and the future of those you love and care for.

Building or renovating a house requires money management skills beyond those needed to buy stuff at the mall. Foresight to set a goal, preparation to go after that goal, restraint to save the resources to achieve it, common sense to make the best spending choices, wisdom to hold back reserves for difficult times, and patience to get through those times, all combine for positive action. In addition will be required courage to say no to all temptations that come along, whether people asking for attention and favors, places beckoning a visit, or superficial things to simply possess, because none of these distractions will ever help you move into your own home.

To avoid distractions turn away from them.

To save money, stop spending.

To reduce debt, stop borrowing.

To have more time, stop wasting it.

To avoid repeating mistakes, look back and learn

To have a future, look ahead.

To have a better life, take action and create it.

To have a dream, make one.

To have a home, start with that dream.




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