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Make it HOME! Wherever you are, whatever your situation: owner, renter or borrower, make a place where you will love to come homeTM. It’s easier than you think. PLACE will help you do it. Our goal is to make a place to live where all your loved ones will be safe, secure, and healthy; and where there can be fun for all, and rest, peace, solitude and renewal just for you.

On the ‘home’ side, PLACE will provide guidance for step-by-step planning, building and remodeling, along with tips and tricks for using texture, light, color, and lines of sight to make your home ‘feel’ better.

Reaching beyond the walls of home, through our privately funded HomeFires InitiativeTM PLACE will tackle the subjects of Homeless and Veterans Relief, and assistance to dire-straits farms and  homeowners because everyone should have a place to stay.

Please join me on this exciting journey to better living at HOME.

Andy Bozeman – editor PLACE magazine

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