Remove Roots Threatening Home’s Structure

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Trees and shrubs start small, but won’t stay that way. Tiny roots become sinewy tendrils capable of lifting a whole foundation, or pushing over a wall. That’s because plants grow one cell at a time, patiently pressing against concrete and wood assemblies which can’t respond or adjust, so they twist, crack, bend, and break.

Roots growing beneath the wall have caused damaging uplift, leaving severe fractures.

Over long time periods, roots from the same and nearby flora will crisscross and tangle, leveraging the long-term, imperceptible impact of their growth, becoming an irresistible force capable of defying both man-made strength and gravity, as ‘push’ and ‘lift’ is applied to everything,  including walks and driveways, patios and terraces, and intended-to-remain-in-place-forever walls of gardens and grand homes.

Long Term physical health of any structure depends on short term, regular grounds-keeping to monitor the advance of root systems toward the building, and the regular removal of any which threaten to undermine stability of the home, the grounds, and the drainage affecting the whole property.

See a root problem? Cut it out!






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