Yearly Subscription to Home Building Timeline (auto-renews, yearly)

Yearly Subscription to Home Building Timeline (auto-renews, yearly)

$100.00 (plus tax) / year with 1 week free trial


12 months for the price of 10.

  • Here is fifty years of experience placed in your hands without having to learn it.
  • Avoid common mistakes. The Timeline subscriptions includes articles and stories which point out the most common mistakes made by newbies and pros alike. Learn from the experience of others who have blazed your trail.
  • Look ahead a little or a lot. The Timeline illustrates everything that will confront you, whether immediately or years away.
  • Track where you are in your project, what needs to happen next, and what should have already happened. The Timeline illustrates the entire process.
  • Knowledge at You Fingertips will help you know what your contractor knows, so you can keep up with the process.
  • Monitor your contractors. Did they skip a step? Was anything missed?
  • See the future. The Timeline shows, step by step, every upcoming item and feature which will require your attention.

Get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time. Whether a project’s life span is measured in months or years, the right steps still have to be in the right order. So, follow the Timeline.

  • Apply the BEADS Keystone throughout the project. BEADS is the acronym for 14 critical traits of property and structures which must be addressed repeatedly throughout the life of any project. All 14 traits are outlined and explained on the Timeline.
  • Know the hazards of missing a step. The Timeline the correct moment to address virtually every step in the process. Hazards are listed on the Timeline.
  • See when each aspect of your house plans should be addressed. Timing for the inclusion and development of concepts is critical. You don’t want to leave anything out. Best practices for creating house plans are listed on the Timeline.
  • Every step is critical from preparing the ground to digging footings to framing, air conditioning, and finishing touches – all have to be in the right order, so the final outcome will be a well built home or addition. All the steps are listed in the right order on the Timeline.