BEADS KEYSTONE Critical Construction Control Points

Tiny House Living

Tiny House Living

Grid: L-10 BEADS Keystone Enforce every aspect of the BEADS Keystone for any project, even a  Tiny House or structure. Every job deserves every advantage. The Tiny House concept is without flaw. However, the one thing most often flawed is th Read more
L-12 / BEADS KEYSTONE 13 Critical Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home Site, and During Construction PREMIUM

L-12 / BEADS KEYSTONE 13 Critical Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home Site, and During Construction

BEADS KEYSTONE The following are the MOST CRITICAL questions, which must be considered ALL AT ONCE, as if the entire BEADS KEYSTONE is one step. Before you buy land, heed the  BEADS Keystone Boundaries Building Lines Bearing Soil Easem Read more
Water Rights PREMIUM

Water Rights

Water Rights : No commodity on Earth swings through peaks and valleys of value like water. Water is so plentiful it can be almost worthless, but let the supply run low or out, and it becomes priceless. Legal battles have been launched and wars fough Read more
Old Regulations Persist

Old Regulations Persist

Regulations regarding Land Law and the usefulness of affected land can block expensive plans, and shatter dreams. Many an unwitting land-buyer has found out the hard way that conservation efforts on behalf of a plant or animal will almost always outw Read more
Flood Law and Congress

Flood Law and Congress

The United States Congress maintains a law which requires all properties within the 100-year floodplain that are purchased with a federally backed mortgage to carry flood insurance. Such federally backed loans include: FHA VA FmHA (Rural Dev Read more
Yard Sprinklers: Cross-Phase Installation PREMIUM

Yard Sprinklers: Cross-Phase Installation

Yard sprinklers. Two words easy to say together, and seemingly simple to have as part of a complete homesite. For the most part this is true. The only complication arises because of the number of construction phases, crossing one over another, whic Read more
SEWER TAP WARNING – How Many Thrones May Your Castle Contain? PREMIUM

SEWER TAP WARNING – How Many Thrones May Your Castle Contain?

Tearing down an old house to build back a new one is a popular goal, especially in well established, highly sought after neighborhoods. It’s not any less expensive, but the adage ‘location-location-location’ makes it desirable, anyway. One Read more


Zoning is a process that helps a city or town or region put its land assets to best use for the primary interest and safety of its citizens, as well as uphold the overall value of the city and its attractiveness to future development and growth. Read more
Flood Insurance PREMIUM

Flood Insurance

A homeowner’s policy does not usually cover flood damage of any kind. Flood Insurance covers losses to your property caused by flooding. From structural and mechanical damage to flood debris cleanup, your investment is protected by a flood insu Read more


Flood Hazard THE FLOODPLAIN First of all, DON'T BUILD IN A FLOODPLAIN!!! But, if you choose to ignore this very good advice, at least familiarize yourself with the following. Floods happen in all 50 states. They will occur along the coa Read more
Side Yard Set-Back Lines PREMIUM

Side Yard Set-Back Lines

This is about where a house can be built on a lot, and where the rules come from. The location where a home is allowed to be built on a lot, especially in a neighborhood, is often dictated by a document called PLAT RESTRICTIONS aka Protective Cove Read more