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Ethics and Integrity

Exponential Disappearance: That’s an oxymoron to describe the rate at which integrity is evaporating from the home dwelling industry. I have isolated a few traits of such ethical failure: Drive-By Supervision: That’s when a ‘builder’ pulls his pickup truck to the street edge of the home site – by the way, in tow is a … Continued

SHIFTING FOUNDATION; This One is About Teaching and Learning

The basic structure of the American system of education at all grade levels, its very foundation, must dramatically shift. Emphasis must be on : Fundamentals of Finance : Money management, budget planning, saving money by not spending, credit control, borrowing and repaying money including college debt, investing, and filing taxes. Life-Goal choices : Career, buying … Continued

Lines and Circles of Life and Business

A very influential friend of mine, Curtis Jackson Wall, died this week on July 6th, 2019. I was first introduced to him many years ago by his son, also Curtis, who is like a brother to me. I told Mr. Wall I was about to open my own business drawing house plans. I’ll never forget … Continued

Codes for Climate Change

Hotter. Colder. Wetter. Dryer. This is called climate load, and it comes in an evermore random order. The need to design homes and buildings which can live through many decades of crazy weather is upon us. Long overdue are standards of construction which consider the whole lifespan of a building, instead of just its birth. … Continued

Blame for Hurricane-Michael-Related Building Code Failure is Misplaced

Video posts on social media, which appeared even as Hurricane Michael roared across the Florida panhandle, revealed buildings falling down, and whole structures lifted up and away. Also revealed was that the hurricane was an almost irresistible force moving against newly-built structures, which proved to be not-so-immovable objects. Now, the second-guessing begins, and the blame … Continued

Pattern of Power for the People

It is not enough to have sacred laws to lead citizens, unless those citizens are prudent of mind by learning, and strong of body by exercise, that they may lead themselves and others, as well as defend themselves from oppressors. Andrea Palladio – 1570  Only well-informed people can live securely in their homes. Thomas Jefferson … Continued


In the part of my career which could be called ‘long ago’ there was a point in time when see-through fireplaces were being built in homes in cities around mine, and in states surrounding mine, but not in my own home town. That’s because the chief building inspector in my city had a unique way … Continued

Wont Work Never Will

Given project conditions that will never change, numbers that don’t work are numbers that never will work. Stop the project.  

Homebuilding is Mysterious

Homebuilding is mysterious. Whether it’s professionals trying to build and sell, or individuals trying to find a place to live, Earth is a planet of home-seekers who know too little about how the dwelling industry works. No single step is hard to do. But, there are so many steps and parts to be handled, by … Continued